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Mar 5, 2011

Who Were the Biggest Celebrities of February 2011?

According to you, most awesome readers, February's biggest stars were a Grammy-nominated movie-star pop prodigy, a sexy Super Bowl performer, a guy on a drug he named after himself, a diva who came out of an egg, and a "mean girl" you know very well. See the full list after the jump.

Without further ado, our top celebrities of February 2011:
Justin Bieber: Bieber did the unthinkable in February -- he cut his hair. But Justin did give Ellen Degeneres (who has an oddly similar haircut) his chopped locks to auction off for charity. And queue the 'awww' track. Biebs lost the Best New Artist Grammy moderately gracefully. Now, in the young days of March, he's turned 17 and launched into his angsty teen years, flipping off photographers as he headed home after his b-day dinner. This after Justin and Selena Gomez hit a post-Oscar party red carpet as a couple -- in coordinating ensembles.
Charlie Sheen: Yes, even before March became Official Charlie Sheen Winning Month, his antics were the second-hottest celebrity aspect of February.
Lady Gaga: How does Gaga stay in such tip-top monster shape? Whiskey and yoga, of course. Gaga divulged her secrets to staying slim after wearing a condom-inspired outfit on Good Morning America. Gaga made prophylactics fashionable while talking about safe sex on the show. This on the heels of incubating in an egg for hours before her Grammy performance.
Fergie: What's one word to describe Fergie's half-time Super Bowl performance with the Black Eyed Peas? FAIL. The songstress couldn't seem to get on pitch throughout the show in which sounds system and stage lighting technical difficulties also knocked the performance down quite a few notches. The Peas, who are known for breaking it down (usually in a good way) in concert should put their solo acts on hold and spend some time rehearsing.
Lindsay Lohan: LiLo found herself facing off against the law yet again after allegedly swiping an expensive necklace. If convicted Lindsay, could spend up to three years in jail.


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