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Feb 20, 2011

Ke$ha Is the Modern Shakespeare: Dramatic Readings of Pop Songs

What could be more romantic than William Shatner asking you to stand under his umbrella? What makes old ladies go through their oxygen tanks faster than James Earl Jones saying, "baby, baby, baby." Or how about Jude Law talking about his "muffin?"

Take a look at these celebs who are taking the words of our pop icons very, very seriously. From Rihanna to The Beatles, in the end, they're all poets.

Move over Justin Bieber. It isn't only his full head of hair at the age of 80 that puts Justin's side-swept locks to shame, but his reading of the hit, "Baby, baby, baby" on 'The Gayle King Show' will undoubtedly get nursing home ladies across the country more than a little frisky. Forget hoards of screaming tweens, James' rendition is sure to bust an oxygen tank or two.Source


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