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Apr 12, 2011

Kareena ready to tie the knot!

It's been a while, but Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan seem to be going strong. Kareena seems to have marriage on the brain. “I do not have marriage plans right now but yes, like other girls, I also want to get married. I will soon be a bride but before that, I will let everyone know about it. I do not have any traditional jewellery with me to wear at my wedding. My mom has given some of it to Karisma, but not to me because she feels I am not responsible! She sees me too busy with my work and feels that I cannot handle it well, but I wish to get it soon,” says Kareena.
She describes the rivalry between the sisters. “Since childhood Karisma and I have treasured small pieces of jewellery for our weddings. My dream is to wear a big diamond necklace on my wedding with a red and green outfit. It will be a big day for me,” she says excitedly.

Kareena also wishes she received more gifts. “I do not receive many gifts. I would love to have a big diamond necklace as a gift on my wedding,” she says, and already has a mental map of wedding plans. She says, “I would like to keep my wedding simple. I love the food and drink at the wedding; that day I will forget all about size zero and enjoy every bit of it!”
She shares a secret about Indian brides. “Indian brides want to be seen as more beautiful and attractive than any other guest at the party. The bride always pays more attention to what she wears and what others wear, rather than the groom -- the groom becomes her second option that day! She begins to compete with the other girls,” smiles Kareena. Well, she's obviously given this much thought. Hope everyone on her guest list is picking out presents!.


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